Friday, August 27, 2004


Standing beside another human being
laughingly pointing a gun at his naked,
bound and blindfolded body. Hoo-ahh!

“I always wanted to be the first woman torturer
caught on camera.”
See Jane smile.
See her blue-green rubber gloves, thumbs rakishly pointed up!

Don’t you want her for a mommy?
A daughter?
A wife?
A neighbor?
A teacher?
My hero!
“I violated prisoners in my maidenform bra.”
Something for your daughters to aspire to.

New this Christmas!
Barbie in uniform complete with dangling cigarette,
dog collar, working cattle prod and
your choice of Prisoner: Middle Eastern, Asian,
Central/South American, African.
Beefsteak tartar a la Brecht is still on the menu at Mom‘s Diner.
Order yours now!
Avoid the Christmas rush.
Pull the string and hear her say in a real familiar voice,
"I think this is a very hard choice, but the price-we think the price is worth it." *
“We need a common enemy to unite us.” **
“The dove of peace has become the ostrich of complacency.” ***

Equality achieved.
Got that side trip out of your system, girls?

Now, can we get back on the road of liberation?

*Madeleine Albright
**Condoleeza Rice
***Jeanne Kirkpatrick

Monday, August 23, 2004

The recipe for a Land of Opportunity

The recipe for a Land of Opportunity

1. Pour lots of US dollars into tiny, reactionary organizations that exist within a chosen country. (If they don't exist, stir some up.) Make sure they have a well-funded press and many photo opportunities with western journalists. (Toss in some massacre/rape/baby eating stories.)

2. Block all aid to political forces already in power because they are communists. (No documentation necessary. Nor does it matter if the left, communist, coalition government in existence was democratically elected.)

3. Place an embargo on the chosen country cutting off all export/import of necessary items including food and medicine. (Pressure Cooker effect)

4. Make sure plenty of guns, butter and cash get through to the reactionaries. Simmer. Add US troops to taste.

5. The pot will begin to bubble. The side with the most guns, butter and PR wins. (Your tax dollars at work.)

6. Pause to wave the flag.

7. After the dust settles and the blood dries, you have a perfect base for the business community to commit humanitarian deeds so the workers are not starving out on the street and to lay the foundation for future prosperity - for itself.

Note: Recipe can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled as needed.

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Vote for Nader, Register your Discontent

I can see why the Democratic Party is upset by Ralph Nader's candidacy.

If it weren't for Nader we would be faced with another year of either not voting or holding our noses and voting for a more palatable though not lesser of two evils.

If they lose, the Democrats could dismiss us as apathetic or if they win point to their success as proof that they were right to support god, the expansion of the military and the strengthening of Homeland Security while fondly reminiscing about their youthful fervor for peace and justice.

For those of us who know that war, poverty outsourcing and other iinjustice existed before Bush took office; for those of us who watched an international wave of anti-corporate, anti-war movements grow and spread only to be sandbagged by the nationalist backlash after 9/11, voting for the Democratic Party and the Kerry/Edwards ticket is tantamount to waving a white flag.

In the Election 2004 article on Nader in August 3rd's Morning Call, State House Minority Leader and Democrat H. William DeWeese said, “...we are going to do everything humanly possible to intercede against Mr. Nader.” This is the pathetic strategy the “party of the people” has for beating one of the most publically inept political figures of the century. To use Al Sharpton's analogy, this donkey has taken us for a ride long enough.

We don't want the military expanded. We want national health care. We want free education. We want affordable well constructed housing. We want living wage jobs in industries that meet human needs. We want Social Security to be expanded. We want debt forgiveness for student loans.

We don't want the Department of Homeland Security. We want no interference in the internal workings of sovereign governments or grassroots organizations. We don't want a new Cold War around the world or at home paid for with our tax dollars.

We want an end to corporate welfare. We want an end to subsidies to industries that threaten the future of the planet. We want corporations that outsource jobs at slave wages to be heavily taxed. If any military interventions are required to keep the wages low in their chosen lands of opportunity, they should strap on their 6 guns and pray.

We don't need the kind of empty hope that John Edwards promised was “on the way.” We don't

need the kind of trickle down, drop in the bucket help that John Kerry promised “is on the way.”

Behind the razor wire surrounding the Fleet Center, wrapped in red white and blue, produced by

Spielberg, serenaded by Carole King a wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf.