Friday, August 27, 2004


Standing beside another human being
laughingly pointing a gun at his naked,
bound and blindfolded body. Hoo-ahh!

“I always wanted to be the first woman torturer
caught on camera.”
See Jane smile.
See her blue-green rubber gloves, thumbs rakishly pointed up!

Don’t you want her for a mommy?
A daughter?
A wife?
A neighbor?
A teacher?
My hero!
“I violated prisoners in my maidenform bra.”
Something for your daughters to aspire to.

New this Christmas!
Barbie in uniform complete with dangling cigarette,
dog collar, working cattle prod and
your choice of Prisoner: Middle Eastern, Asian,
Central/South American, African.
Beefsteak tartar a la Brecht is still on the menu at Mom‘s Diner.
Order yours now!
Avoid the Christmas rush.
Pull the string and hear her say in a real familiar voice,
"I think this is a very hard choice, but the price-we think the price is worth it." *
“We need a common enemy to unite us.” **
“The dove of peace has become the ostrich of complacency.” ***

Equality achieved.
Got that side trip out of your system, girls?

Now, can we get back on the road of liberation?

*Madeleine Albright
**Condoleeza Rice
***Jeanne Kirkpatrick

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