Wednesday, July 20, 2005


In a cage with

Walls too slick and high to scale.

Nothing to do but run head on into them.

Run arms outstretched pounding my body into them.

Run sideways into them bruising my body black.

Run backwards into them hoping I will break my spine

Into a million shards so it will crash to the floor

With what used to be my heart.

The sun invisible in the blue summer sky.

The smell of the warm earth,

The water rushing over rocks,

The beaded mermaid arms outstretched,

The fractured brilliance of a cosmic egg,

The memory of crickets fleeing my step in high grass,

The sweat of babies,

The sheen of a Japanese beetle,

The taste of honey

Flicker across my senses.

Memories of the world that was.

Don’t touch me my rage will engulf you.

Don’t come near me my rage will hurl you across the room.

Don’t listen to me my rage will fuse your ears shut.

Don’t look at me my rage will turn you to stone.

Spinning at the speed of sound until I ignite

Leaving nothing behind but the stench of defeat and a pile of slimy ash.