Saturday, March 11, 2006

It's hard out there for a pimp!!! Give me a break

I cannot believe this song won an Oscar; and yes I saw the movie.
Here's my parody. I'm not a fan of rap music but it's the best I can do.

It’s hard out there for a pimp? (You must be kidding!)

A man who lives off women is a wimp! (I’m not kidding.)

Get a job at McDonalds for your rent. (I’m not kidding.)

Work a double shift for the gas. (I’m not kidding.)

Because at least it’s your back that working. (Not a woman’s)

Because at least it’s you soul that’s breaking (Not a woman’s)

In my life I’ve seen and read a lot of history

And I know that life for working people is never easy

But that doesn’t mean any man has the right

To use women and children so he can take his next bite.

I’ve seen people beaten down by sickness and death

I’ve seen people lose hope when they’ve done their best

I’ve seen people deal with the hand they were dealt

By working hard and not using anyone else

A lot of blood, sweat and tears built this country’s wealth

And the few want to keep it all for themselves

But using other people to get “your fare share” of the crumbs

Is stupid, mean and just plain dumb!

If you were at work and not on the street

If you sweated your own body instead of using women like pieces of meat

Maybe you would get a taste of what life is really like
Instead of moaning, groaning and glorifying lumpen life

Newark NJ’s where I’m from, in my heart I’m still there

But it’s OK because I am aware

That its people like us who can build a better place.

Without being millionaires and spitting in peoples face.

I hate the words chick, whore, babe and bitch
I don’t want to be famous, flashy or rich

Our time will come. Maybe tomorrow’s not the date

But we’ve got a lot of patience so we can watch and wait

We’ll keep on pushing one step at a time

and if you get in our way you are way out of line.

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