Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

I know I'm not being politically correct but Christmas is a pagan holiday and since I'm a pagan by way of catholicism and communism I guess Merry Christmas is ok. I. don't like X mas. I know there's a christ in christmas but ... enough on that subject.

I've been really busy between the candy and the beading but I got everything done. We were supposed to have 8 people here for dinner tonight, but someone was shot last night. Three of our invited guests knew the victim and they were up all night.

It was ok though. I was so tired. I still haven't caught up on my sleep from the 2 and 3 in the morning nights doing the candy and then the wrapping of the presents. Then yesterday one of Barry's co-worker's had an open house so I had to finish shopping, cleaning and make a candy tray.

So it was just Barry, Katy, Danny, Berto and me and it was fine. (Berto has 2 teeth!)I couldn't wait to go through my beads and bead books and we are eating again-Barry just made us plates-ham sandwiches and potato salad that I made at 6 this morning-I was the first one up-watching FSTV and peeling potatoes. There were a few good shows on-a documentary about Yip Harburg the blacklisted lyricist who wrote Brother Can You Spare a Dime ( apparantly the Rockefeller Dad was going around handing out dimes to people dring the depression )and of course Somewhere Over the Rainbow. There was one about the mess coal companies are making in the south and another one about the anti-war movement in Amherst, MA at the Republican National Convention (we were there.) We should have been at the Democratic Nationl Convention too the pigs-Leiberman and Madelaine Albright yuch!

Anyway so it's just us now-Katy and Berto are out and Danny's watching TV so we are surfing and blogging and listening to the Four Tops and Stevie Wonder-I love Bernadette-no whores and bitches in those lyrics-
people are searching for the kind of love that we possess,
some go on searching their whole lives through and never find someone like you...

Ribbon in the sky
This is not a coincidence
And far more than a lucky chance But what is that was always meant Is our ribbon in the sky for our love.

So it's just us-Me and Barry, Barry and me, Barry and Diana.
I am so grateful to have him here still. I think he's gonna be OK.
A few more months-April and the oncologist says he's home free.

I have my Barry and my kids are here and I have 2 grandchildren that I never thought I'd have-they're both boys but you can't have everything...

I'm pretty happy.
Merry Chrstmas everyone.

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