Friday, October 12, 2007

Endless War is not Human Nature

John Brinson in his Oct. 6, 2007 article in The Morning Call about why we must have endless war states, “some people are evil, and seek to take from others whatever they want. They will take the property of others, the land of others, the lives of others, the freedom of others.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement, but I totally disagree with his opinion of who these people are.

Growing up in the 60’s and ‘70’s I was taught that Hitler came to power because he was a charismatic person and a great speaker. The assassinations of the Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King very charismatic men and great speakers made me wonder how Hitler got so far toward his patriotic, nationalist goal while these good people were dead. I did some independent research and learned that Hitler had many powerful financial supporters like the notoriously anti-Semitic and anti-labor Henry Ford and the cartel I.G.Farben. I also learned that when people have no jobs and money the way to keep the heat off of the people who have it all whether in Germany in the 1930’s or the US in 2007 is to find a scapegoat. For Hitler it was the Jews and communists, for the US it’s immigrants and the anti-war and environmental movements.

When Franco overthrew the democratically elected government in Spain, in El Salvador in the ‘80’s and during the destruction of Yugoslavia it was necessary for good people to fight. Unfortunately the US was on the wrong side in all of those conflicts. Now it is necessary for good people to fight against those who are using our tax money to kill other people while corporate war profiteers make a fortune. The freedoms that we still have left after the “Patriot” Act were not fought for by men with guns on foreign soil. There were no headlines, “WWI Ends, Workers Win the 8 Hour Day, WWII Ends, Workers Gain the Right to Organize, Korean War Ends, No More Jim Crow.” These freedoms were fought for by ordinary people right here.

Brinson states, “War has always been with us, and as long as human nature gives us human evil, there will be war.” Anyone who is aware of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder will tell you that violence is not a part of human nature. The human evil he should be referring to is the psychopathic need to suck the monetary value out of everything that exists leaving behind nothing but chaos and death. Unfortunately for the evil people who want to own and control everything on the planet chaos and death are preferred.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

One Possibility for a New World

Hiss, slither, rattle and bite.
I know what you are.
Hate and greed.
Bloody, viscous lover of death.
Burn it.
Poison it.
Turn it’s womb from sponge to puss.
Turn it’s penis from giver of life to weapon of death.
What life remains spills dead seed from a dispenser after the dollars are inserted into the appropriate slot.

Progress of the paper dollar kind.

What if tomorrow you woke up and there was no money?

No money for anyone. No money for the rich, no money for the poor.

No money for yachts, no money for mortgages.
No money for Beverly Hills mansions, no money for student loans.
No money for war, no money for food.

No food for money, just food for when you’re hungry.
You grow it, you eat it.

No housing for profit, just shelter where and when you need it.
Maybe picking oranges in Florida today, maybe camping in Maine tomorrow.
Maybe Museums in New York today, maybe teaching in Mississippi tomorrow.
Maybe camping at a tent in the woods today, maybe harvesting on a farm in the country tomorrow.
Maybe Pennsylvania today, maybe Mexico tomorrow.
You would live, teach, learn work, live a thousand lives among your fellow human beings.

No utopia - no pre-peeled grapes and bon-bons.
Working, reading, talking with people.

Still a world filled with sexism, racism, homo and redneck-phobia.
But those are contradictions among the people and maybe if money didn’t exist anymore
there would not be a battle in the ring
in any given country
on any given public street in any little town anywhere in the world.

No nukes.
No cluster bombs.
No tanks (or whatever they call them these days.)
No 18 year olds with weapons abroad or in Newark, NJ. (My home town.)

No capitalism.

Just us.
Up for it?

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Dear Congressman Dent,
The word ‘Democracy” is thrown around a lot these days. The more we hear it spoken, the more the reality of democracy disappears. We need cameras in the street to “preserve democracy.” We need wiretaps to “preserve democracy.” We need wars in Iraq, Columbia and all over Africa to “preserve democracy.”
Right under our noses the wealth that our parents and grandparents created is being stolen to enrich the few. Taxes are lowered for the wealthy and the poor starve while they work at minimum wage jobs with no healthcare benefits. The factories where our grandparents and parents fought for the 8 hour day and decent benefits and working conditions are becoming museums or condominiums, just as farms, orchards and wetlands are destroyed for housing developments named Pheasant Run or Orchard View.
We are told that Social Security is in danger of running out but the military budget is gushing full force with our tax dollars mixing with the blood of young men and women fighting each other all over the world. There are no decent paying jobs for young Americans, but there are plenty for young people in third world countries with no health, safety or environmental protections. American corporations are free to make a profit anywhere in the world. American are free to starve, work until they drop to keep their medical benefits, send their children to under funded, crumbling schools, join the military where they will gamble with their lives and the lives of other human beings or go to jail.
I constantly hear tell of how the military fought for our right to freedom of speech and assembly. Is that the truth? Was our right to free speech and assembly, our right to protest and participate in this democracy fought for on some far off shore? No. It was fought for right here in the USA by working men, women and children not by soldiers or the National Guard (who were usually shooting AT them.) Our freedom was fought for by the people who participated in the Union movement, the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Movement, the Anti-War Movement.
We have not reverted to Fascism yet. As much as many might welcome it, we still do not all follow the leader. We don’t all march in lockstep, hands over our hearts, blinders firmly fixed, yellow ribbons flapping in the breeze while young people are burned to death, torn to pieces or mentally scarred for life. Some of us exercise our rights in our own neighborhoods to stand up for what we know is right. Nine of these people were arrested in your office on January 17, 2006. Your actions in having these people arrested show much more than words what you think of actually existing democracy when it is standing in front of your face. I am asking you to examine your feelings on this issue and drop the charges against these practicing democrats (with a small d.) Focus you efforts on rooting out and jailing the people responsible for ripping off the public trust of its money and its hope for a better future.