Thursday, October 11, 2007

One Possibility for a New World

Hiss, slither, rattle and bite.
I know what you are.
Hate and greed.
Bloody, viscous lover of death.
Burn it.
Poison it.
Turn it’s womb from sponge to puss.
Turn it’s penis from giver of life to weapon of death.
What life remains spills dead seed from a dispenser after the dollars are inserted into the appropriate slot.

Progress of the paper dollar kind.

What if tomorrow you woke up and there was no money?

No money for anyone. No money for the rich, no money for the poor.

No money for yachts, no money for mortgages.
No money for Beverly Hills mansions, no money for student loans.
No money for war, no money for food.

No food for money, just food for when you’re hungry.
You grow it, you eat it.

No housing for profit, just shelter where and when you need it.
Maybe picking oranges in Florida today, maybe camping in Maine tomorrow.
Maybe Museums in New York today, maybe teaching in Mississippi tomorrow.
Maybe camping at a tent in the woods today, maybe harvesting on a farm in the country tomorrow.
Maybe Pennsylvania today, maybe Mexico tomorrow.
You would live, teach, learn work, live a thousand lives among your fellow human beings.

No utopia - no pre-peeled grapes and bon-bons.
Working, reading, talking with people.

Still a world filled with sexism, racism, homo and redneck-phobia.
But those are contradictions among the people and maybe if money didn’t exist anymore
there would not be a battle in the ring
in any given country
on any given public street in any little town anywhere in the world.

No nukes.
No cluster bombs.
No tanks (or whatever they call them these days.)
No 18 year olds with weapons abroad or in Newark, NJ. (My home town.)

No capitalism.

Just us.
Up for it?

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