Friday, October 03, 2008

Gidget Goes To Washington

While Sarah Palin's performance in the debate on Friday was nothing less or more than awfully perky, I was more upset by Joe Biden's reiteration that we have to get out of we can go into Afghanistan where the real bogeymen are.

He let Palin slide when she said she was against National Healthcare because the government has made such a mess of things-referring to the bailout. It was a perfect opportunity for him to point out it was LACK of government regulation that got us in this mess.

Is there a plan to extend and expand unemployment benefits? Is there a plan for National Health Care into the bailout? Where 's the democracy here?

They both want war.
They both want to drill for oil.
They're both against gay marriage.
They both want to issue tax credits for businesses.

The ticket should have been Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptur. Maybe then we would have gotten some kind of real solution without having to pay through the nose.

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