Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Watching the 2nd Debate

How much longer do we have to serve somebody?
"we" have to sacrifice.
"we" have to accept reduction in our "entitlements" like pensions, social security, welfare, health care.

We work for a small part of the wealth we produce. We are taxed on those earnings after we have provided a profit for someone else. Talk about double dipping.
Now these candidates are talking about "us" as though the owners and the workers are one and the same people.

Referring to social security, Medicare and a potential national health insurance plan as "entitlements" is turning reality on its head.

What do you call deregulation if not an entitlement for the rich to rip off the public wealth? What do you call record corporate profits, tax cuts to the wealthy and corporations and their top executives paying no taxes by moving their money offshore? Those are entitlements. Social Security, medicare, national heathcare, affordable education are areas where we invest our wealth and the wealth of our parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren for the benefit of all the people.

Nuclear Power as an option? WHAT ABOUT THE WASTE. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER 3 MILE ISLAND AND CHERNOBYL? How about a 3 day work week? How about shorter hours and sidewalks
so we can walk to work? How about a national public ad campaign urging us to walk to work and save American's lives-like we used to do with the pagan babies and our pennies-walk 25 miles a week to save some 18 year old from having to die on foreign soil for oil profits? What do you think?

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