Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obesity and HFCS

The July 29th Morning Call carried and article by Kristina Sherry titled, "Selbelius touts strategies for winning obesity fight."

The article states that "the direct medical costs of obesity total $147 billion annually" and "some of the $1 billion in stimulus money...would go toward obesity strategies." Does this direct cost include the subsidies to the corn industry ($243 million per year according to a Tufts University study) which benefit producers of high fructose corn syrup which in addition to extra calories elevates triglycerides since HFCS is processed by the body differently than sugar?

At a time when there is such a need and so much resistance to a single payer health care solution shouldn't someone be pointing out that we subsidize the Archer Daniel Midlands of the world so they can make super profits by making us sick?

Maybe if we stopped doing that we could find the money for healthcare. Maybe these people should be sued for producing and profiting from products that shorten the life of the people of this country.

Mr. Obama, how about some "personal responsibility" lectures to corporate America?

Here are a few links regarding HFCS:


Cynthia1770 said...

My google alert for HFCS picked up your post. Unfortunately, I don't think any of us (of the anti-HFCS
persuasion) can tackle the big producers of HFCS, Cargill, AMD.
The CRA is one powerful lobby. Where the average consumer has the most input is at the cash register.
Right now, I am writing to cereal companies and suggesting that, since their foodstuffs are marketed to children, they should
take the HFCS out. They should follow in the footsteps of Snapple and Starbucks. One by one we will knock down these HFCS-bowling pins. Thanks for the link to the Tufts study. To your health.

Diana Balot Frank said...

I just watched a Democracy Now about endocrine disruptors related to hydraulic fracturing. This could also be a cause for diabetes and other illnesses. I didn't know that until I watched the news.