Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Real Election Fraud

While voter fraud by individuals is rare, preventing legitimate registered voters from casting their ballots has become common. Studies by the California and Massachusetts Institutes of Technology found that 4-6 million votes went uncounted in the Florida 2000 Presidential election.

  • 36,000 newly registered voters were not added to the rolls. 
  • State Troopers search voter’s cars, delaying them from getting to the polls on time. 
  • Ballot boxes went missing or were uncollected, particularly in African-American districts.
  • Polling places close early in some Democratic districts.
  • Legitimate voters were purged from the rolls.

  • Tens of thousands of voters were purged from the rolls.
  • In Ohio, particularly in African American neighborhoods, people waited for 4-7 hours to vote due to insufficient number of voting machines and breakdowns.
  • In one Ohio precinct, the polls never opened because the key to the office with the voting machines was lost.
  • In two Ohio counties there were more votes for Bush than registered voters.
  • In New Mexico, there were more votes counted than cast in half the counties.
  • In New Mexico, John Kerry lost in all precincts utilizing touch screen technology.

  • A Democratic candidate in Florida lost the election after 18,000 ballots were lost due to glitches in touch screen voting machines.

            The voter ID law comes from the bowels of the American Legislative Exchange Council, a collaboration of legislators and corporations that incubates “model” bills and uses elected officials in state after state to peddle a corporate agenda. There have been no documented cases of voter fraud in Pennsylvania. The bill is a diversion. Its sole purpose is to stop historically democratic voters from being counted and bring “our” country back to a time when only white men of property could vote.

Parenti, M. (2007). the stolen presidential elections.

More information can be seen at:


Terry said...

This is very enlightening . . . and scary.

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